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Dun, dun, dun… HOUSING!

It’s that time of the year; time to take a deep breath after the chaos of the year and start panicking about the problems of the future. One of the pressing problems of June and July is housing. Where are you going to live? Are you going to re-up your lease? Are you going to finally move out of your parents’ basement, and if so, who is going to do your laundry?

In order to lessen the looming panic attacks, this month, we’ve decided to feature overviews of some popular neighborhoods for Fordham graduate students, and the challenges and benefits of those areas. This might be more useful for incoming students (CONGRATULATIONS!) but it’ll also serve as a nice primer for continuing students who’ve always feared leaving their comfort zones.

Those of you looking to move to a new borough, I salute you! Get ready for a new restaurants and bus routes, new neighbors and bars, and hopefully good study nook of your choosing. Incoming students, get excited for the city, which despite its occasional ups and downs, is one of the most interesting places to live and I’m sure will introduce you to new food, culture, and art.

As graduate students, you need something a little different than the usual Fordham housing intro, and we’re hoping to provide it here. The posts that will follow this month will cover cost of living, commutes to different campuses (remember you may have to teach or work at different locations), and the sense of Fordham community you’ll get from both places. We’ve asked current Fordham students to assist us with this task, so look for posts from Graduate Student Association president and VP as well as other graduate leaders.

Look for future posts discussing:

  • Bronx: Grand Concourse Ave., Arthur Ave., Off Pelham Parkway
  • Queens: Astoria, Long Island City
  • Brooklyn: Bushwick, Park Slope/Crown Heights
  • Manhattan: Washington Heights/Inwood, Hamilton Heights

Let’s get ready to sign some leases!

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