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GSA Conference “Change and Its Challenges” Follow Up

On Saturday, February 28th the Graduate Student Association held a conference entitled “Change and its Challenges.” The event brought a diverse group of scholars from within the Fordham graduate community as well as the tri-state area together to our Lincoln Center campus to consider how different disciplines respond to the broad topic of change.

From changes in technology to changes in scholarly practices, this theme allowed for truly interdisciplinary conversations. Professor Ken Jackson (Columbia University) delivered a keynote address about urban development and how New York City itself has undergone significant changes in the last half century.

Attendees were also treated to a special musical performance that conceptually considered our conference’s theme in the world of music, led by Megan Chartrand (M.M. Yale University) and Justine Jalea (Columbia University), entitled “Voices of Defiance: Music, Change, and the Singing Revolution.” After a day full of exciting presentations, the conference concluded with a reception in the twelfth floor lounge.

Thank you to all participants and volunteers for making it a day to remember!

Peter Murray

GSA, Vice President

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