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Winter Woes…


Rose Hill, Winter 2015

Oh winter; thou art a cold hearted Bee. The months of November through (let’s face it) March, are a rough, particularly if you’re from a state where snow is more a concept than a reality.

As a Floridian, the cold is my nemesis and New York is my battleground.

Now, before you Chicagoans and other Midwesterners get riled up, don’t worry—I know there “ain’t no winter like a Midwest winter.” But as a woman who didn’t even see snow until she was a ‘tween’, I reserve the right to complain about 20˚ days (and to be completely unproductive when stepping outside means facing freezing winds).

However, as we all know, life is cruel and apparently ‘cold’ isn’t a valid absence excuse—a fact which I think we should all reevaluate with our various HR reps. So, here are some productivity (read, leaving the house) tips for those unused to whipping cold winds freezing your features.

Students, you have the best of both words. On one hand, wearing flannel pajamas for the majority of the day can be a cozy reality, and on the other, you often have to move from one building to another multiple times through frozen wind tunnels (a.k.a. quads). Getting out of your warm bed or couch-nest to haul across town to class is the worst. So I recommend the following:

  1. Actually leave the house before dark. Making it to a 6:30 seminar in the freezing dark is about the least appealing thing in the world. Go early, sit in the (usually overwarm) library and do some work while it’s still light. Which brings me to…
  2. Layers. Layers. Layers. Cannot emphasize wearing layers enough. Guess what? That classroom or library is going to be about 80 degrees once the furnaces get up to speed and you are going to be a sweaty mess unless you have a t-shirt under your sweater.
  3. Buy a ceramic coffee cup. This sounds silly, but it’s actually the best thing I ever bought in December. The ceramic gets nice and toasty without burning your hands and it’s not metal so it won’t get too cold if you can’t manage to hold a cup with gloves on (cough*me*cough). Plus, almost every department/office in a school will have water dispensers that have a hot faucet—bring some tea bags or lemon with you so you’ll always have a warm drink.

Basically, I’d hibernate if it was biologically feasible; but since I (grudgingly) need to go outside to make the doughnuts, I guess that I’ll have to brave the weather.

Any tips from seasoned cold-professionals?

Dewis Shallcross, GSAS ‘14
Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator


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