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Welcome to the Blog!

As a current Fordham staff member and a GSAS alumna, I’m excited to introduce the newest element of our professional development project! For me, one of the toughest aspects of graduate school was going from a regimented, class driven undergraduate environment to a self-motivated, research-based graduate life. Your social and academic life changes drastically with the transition to ‘graduate student’—particularly if you’re moving to a new city with an unknown cohort—which is why having a resource like this blog can be a boon for student both incoming and returning.

Our blog, along with the amazing GSAS Futures initiative, will help students become aware of and get involved in professional development and social opportunities around the university.

Every month, blog entries will tackle a different aspect of student life or professional development, sometimes highlighting opportunities for involvement, sometimes just providing an outlet and open discussion of the stresses of graduate school. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to providing opportunities and information that will make your graduate experience one to be remembered! 47832_116619995060421_6225723_n

Check in every week for new content and information on upcoming events!

Dewis Shallcross, GSAS ‘14
Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator

Would you like to be a student contributor? See our upcoming topics schedule and then submit your proposal online!

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