About GSAS

About the Graduate School

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of Fordham University fosters the cultivation of knowledge, wisdom, and a deeper understanding of the human condition. Guided by its Catholic and Jesuit traditions, the GSAS aspires to prepare students for teaching and leadership in a global society, by welcoming learners from diverse religious, economic, and cultural backgrounds into full participation in a scholarly endeavor.

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is committed to the education of talented men and women in the liberal arts and sciences and offers programs of advanced study in a number of academic disciplines. Master’s and doctoral degrees are offered in biological sciences, classics, economics, English, history, philosophy, psychology, and theology. Master’s degrees are also offered in computer and information science, elections and campaign management, and urban studies. Interdisciplinary programs include master’s degrees in ethics and society, international humanitarian action, and international political economy development; a master’s degree and a doctoral-level certificate in medieval studies; and an M.F.A. in playwriting. Advanced certificate programs in biomedical informatics, conservation biology, emerging markets and risk analysis, financial computing, financial econometrics and data analysis, and health-care ethics are also offered. Graduate certificates in International Diplomas are also available in Humanitarian Assistance, Operational Humanitarian Assistance, and Management of Humanitarian Action.

Website: www.fordham.edu/gsas

About Our Staff

GSAS is lead by Dean Eva Badowska, Ph.D., but as potential or current students (or hopefully alumni!), you’ll likely be interacting with the following three offices, all located in Keating Hall, Room 216 on the Rose Hill Campus:

  • Admissions;
  • Academic Programs and Support; and
  • Student Development and Special Events.

Questions about your application or requirements? Bernadette Valentino-Morrison, Director of Admissions, can assist you with questions about the process. However, if you have specific inquiries about department culture, curriculum, or mentors, then you should reach out to the department itself. FUGA@fordham.edu  |  718-817-4416

Questions about enrollment, graduation, comprehensive, or dissertation requirements? Assistant Dean Joanne Schwind and Academic Programs secretary Clarice can help you. ADGSAS@fordham.edu  |  718-817-4406

Questions about student life,GSAS grants, events, community, concerns about interpersonal disagreements (or anything else that doesn’t have to do with curriculum)? Dewis Shallcross is the Director of Student Development and Special Events and also serves as Student Advocate and School Ombudsperson. Share an event or an idea about programming with GSASFutures@fordham.edu or email dshallcross@fordham.edu to talk about student life or raise any concerns.


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