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Welcome to the Fordham University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences professional development and graduate student information blog!

Our staff and student leaders here at Fordham GSAS are committed to creating a productive, innovative, and collaborative atmosphere that will help you make the most out of your graduate experience. Graduate school is one of the most exciting challenges to undertake but it can also be an overwhelming and occasionally alienating environment. However, GSAS has resources, events, and groups both inside and outside your department that can help you navigate both the adventures and the trials of graduate education.

Things we know are on your mind and what we’ll be writing about:

  • Community Enrichment
  • Career Development
  • PersonalĀ Development
  • Scholastic Enrichment

Focusing on student life and professional development, this blog will cover all aspects of life here at Fordham. Our content is generated by Fordham faculty, staff, students, and alumni (plus the occasional guest blogger!) from both inside and outside academia to provide a well-rounded perspective.

Topics will cover the common challenges and benefits of life as a graduate student, such as:

  • Living in the larger NYC area,
  • Maintaining an academic social media presence,
  • Cultural institutions and opportunities in the Bronx, and
  • Choosing the next phase of your graduate education.

But entries will also address specific plagues of academic life, like:

  • Dealing with the pressures of teaching while writing a dissertation,
  • Cold calling or emailing unknown faculty, or
  • Choosing a placement or career inside or outside academia or your primary field.

Most of our posts are written by our Director of Student Development and Special Events, Dewis Shallcross, but we welcome posts from current students and alumni too!

Would you like to be a student contributor? See our upcoming topics schedule and then email your proposal to dshallcross@fordham.edu.

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