Change in Plans!

This month’s plan was to discuss the challenges of teaching while a graduate student… keyword “was” the plan and I’ll go to my grave saying that I think it was an awesome one. However, like many of plans it went terribly awry.

As many of you may have noticed, this blog has had a series of technical problems so ridiculous and pervasive that we might as well have just posted a picture of the GSAS seal dancing with a “Technical Errors” sign. That combined with the usual life/work hiccups means we’re switching the plan and going with the flow. Personally, I’m using the experience as a good way to practice my New Years and Lenten resolutions of positivity, but it’s also an opportunity to talk professional development twists and turns.

We all have a plan. We’re going to be marine biologists or Yale professors or archaeologists. You have the plan too (and maybe it’s even temporally and financially realistic) and then life happens. A series of technical errors or even amazing opportunities strike and suddenly the plan takes a sharp turn and you’re not as sure of ‘what you want’ or ‘what you’re capable of’ as you thought. This is terrifying – but it is going to be alright.

At the risk of sounding like an afterschool special, great things can come when you’re not expecting them. Work hard, go with the flow, and trust that whatever career or path you end up on will take you somewhere great.

…Or bring you something great—like this month’s post! So without further ado (or pontificating by me) this month’s new topic is local events!

We have great posts by Fordham graduate students in the Biology and Psychology departments discussing events held by Womensphere and the New York Botanical Gardens. Check back in on Friday (March 20) for a post on increasing women’s presence and influence in leadership positions by Beth Ansaldi, Chelsea Butcher, and Marly Katz and again next week for a reflection on a NYBG event by Sarah Brennan!

Discussing education, job opportunities, and leadership, these posts are the first of hopefully many submitted by Fordham grad students.


Dewis Shallcross, GSAS ‘14
Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator

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